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Service Types (Select row to edit)
ServiceIDService NameIcon ReferenceIcon OrderActiveActive 
2FloodingFLood.pngSelect2 True Delete
3Tree DownTreeDown.pngSelect3 True Delete
4Wire DownWireDown.pngSelect4 True Delete
5HazardHazard.pngSelect5 True Delete
6Street LightStreetLightOut.pngSelect6 False Delete
10Road WorkHazard.pngSelect10 True Delete
13MowingHazardYellow.pngSelect11 False Delete
14Motor Vehicle CollisionAccident.pngSelect12 True Delete
20Special Event ClosureConstruction2.pngSelect14 True Delete
25DefaultBlank.pngSelect15 False Delete

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Admin/Config Access (Select row to edit)
Edit8mlaw Delete
Edit9Default Delete
Edit10Default Delete